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Suzanne Lanfermeijer (1963) is a full time and self-taught artist. After having worked in the world of Veterinary Science for 15 years, she devoted all her time to her other great love, painting and photography. She followed several workshops with the late Max Bueno de Mesquita amongst others and she attended the Vrije Tekenacademie in Amsterdam.

Suzanne works figurative and abstract. Her argument to paint or to make photographs originates from wanting to visualize silent motion.
In that process she is not afraid to experiment. She is passionate about the power of simplicity and is guided by the senses.

Colour plays a major part in her work. Take red for example. Suzanne: 'Red creates and suggests. Red is total, overwhelming and resigned. The shadow of red is like no other shadow. You can drown in red.
If red were my next theme, that is what I would visualize.'

Because of her total love for depth of colour, oil paint is her favorite medium. A digital Konica offers the best colours in photography.
Her studio is the place where she can shut out the outside world to enter her own. Suzanne: 'Art is light from within which often remains inside, that part which can't or won't talk.'

If you would like to have additional information or want to visit the studio, please send an e-mail to: